About Coffee Helmets

We at Coffee Helmets are both sports and coffee fanatics.

That’s why the unique design of our coffee machines brings together our love for both. And we hope that our Coffee Helmets serve as the perfect addition to your home or office as your cheer on your favorite teams!

It all started with Coffee Helmets CEO and President, Vince Evans.

While he now works to enhance your sports and NASCAR watching spaces, Vince began his career in football. He played as the Oakland Raiders quarterback from 1987-1995 and the Chicago Bears quarterback from 1977-1983. So, as a decorated athlete and life-long sports fan, Vince is well-familiarized with the world of football. And with his idea to make the sports-watching experience even better, he brought together coffee with football- the perfect pairing for fans all over.

Football Coffee Helmets

We have helmets representing both the collegiate level and NFL football teams. So no matter who you root for, we have a helmet themed coffee machine for your at-home cheering section. Get yours below!